Beyond the Ordinary

At XL Aerocity Travel it’s not what we promise that sets us apart, it’s what we deliver. Being a service first organization means we take the time to understand your business and how best we can meet your needs. Our principal concern is to ensure we save our customers substantial amount of money by negotiating the best deals, directly with airlines, car rental companies and accommodation and much more.

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world travel

Corporate Travel

We understand the challenges facing our discerning travelers in this competitive marketplace and cater for special demands, with exceptional savings on hotels, cars, airfare and innovative technology solutions. We help clients improve efficiency and drive policy compliance while dedicated consultants (not a call centre) offer exceptional customer care, unmatched in the travel industry.

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Leisure Travel

When it comes to creating the perfect getaway, trying to save money can come at a huge cost. Let our leisure experts find and plan your next adventure, giving you complete peace of mind. Our specialists can tap into years of expertise to save you time and stress. XL Travel’s unique insight, knowledge and experience can’t be found in the pages of travel magazines or even on the net - it’s all ours. And yours.

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